International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan

In 2014, the Linguistic Association of Pakistan (LAP) was revived and it was decided that from 2015 onwards, an international conference on language/linguistics would be organized each year in collaboration with the language/linguistics departments of reputed universities in Pakistan. The title of such conference would be International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan (ICLAP). The conference would aim to bring together researchers and practitioners from across the globe, working on any aspect of language to exchange their research work and developments in the field.

The ICLAP conference series would help promoting the quality research in the field of linguistics in the country and would provide an opportunity to linguists and language scholars to discuss the problems of script, preservation and development of Pakistani languages and to seek their scientific and optimal solution. This would also prove a platform to regularly float and refine the recommendations for the language policy of Pakistan. A National Advisory Committee would be formulated that would guide and direct the organizing committee of the conference for making the conference sessions more informative and more useful for the participants.